Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Great Look That Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

              When i was a little girl i loved clothes. I loved shoes. I loved daddy's wallet even more. I dreamt that one day i would open my closet and i would see Louis, Dolce, Armani, Versace, and even Dior. At that time i never thought i would also be shaking my wallet out only to find pocket lint. These labels are fabulous but not affordable for many women. I discovered a way to still look like a millon bucks without breaking the bank.
               My favorite affordable stores to shop at for that millon dollar look are Forever21, Charolette Russe, Clothing Company, H&M, Target, Goodwill, Vintage Boutiques, Marshalls, and even Ross. In these stores you can find many clothes that are in style, affordable, cute, and fit like a glove. Girls, there is hope ! you can look fabulous without the green. You dont need the green to make a scene. For more fashion information and style ideas leave comments and i will return with responses. I will be creating a Chictopia pretty soon.

               I am 15 years old and inspiring to be a fashion journalism please help me out with contstrctive critism. please nothing rude. This is my dream and i need your help achieving it. Thank you for reading i will be posting a lot more often.

                                                                                      - Love ,

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